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Entry 609: The Perfect Gift for Fans of Westworld

If someone on your holiday list tunes into HBO every Sunday night for the latest installment of Westworld and then spends the rest of the evening exchanging theories in various chatrooms (“The Man in Black is really Arnold!” “No, he’s … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Secret Agreement Between Trump and Castros

Havana, November 27, 2016 With Fidel Castro’s death, documents from the Castro regime have been declassified, revealing clandestine meetings and agreements between the Communist Cuban government and American presidential candidates. After the U.S. political conventions, Fidel and Raul Castro met … Continue reading

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Entry 608: Make Extra $$$ Fighting Demons

Dear Friend, It’s that time of year when everyone can use a little extra cash to buy gifts for loved ones, like that $2,800 Sonia Rykiel coat that your wife wants even though you think it will make her look … Continue reading

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Entry 607: 40 Random Things We Should NOT Be Thankful For (Besides the Obvious), Part II

See yesterday’s post for #1-20. 21. Horribly scripted commentary during the Thanksgiving Day Parade (I always feel terrible for Matt Lauer) 22. Childproof caps that adults can’t open 23. Lawyers 24. 60-second prescription drug commercials that are 53 seconds of … Continue reading

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Entry 606: 40 Random Things We Should NOT Be Thankful For (Besides the Obvious), Part I

As we gather with family, friends and the Detroit Lions for Thanksgiving, it may be worth noting that, while we count our blessings, there are some things that shouldn’t be counted: 1. Canned jellied cranberry sauce 2. Kardashians (all of … Continue reading

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Entry 605: Sheltie Self Refection

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking about? We have a Shetland Sheepdog named Riley. He is our second sheltie, and like his predecessor, he does something that I think is unusual for most breeds. He thinks about stuff. I’ve … Continue reading

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Entry 604: A Tale of Three Marks

Jeez, I’d hate to be Mark Zuckerberg. Although he is the wealthiest of “The Three Marks” (Zuckerberg, Cuban and Hallen), Mark Cuban seems to be enjoying himself more, and Mark Hallen (that’s me) doesn’t have to spend nearly as much … Continue reading

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