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Entry 714: You’re Richer Than You Think

Have you ever wondered how much total wealth there is in the world? Yeah, me neither. But just in case, here’s the answer: $280 trillion. That includes euros, and pounds, and yens, and wons and pesos and all that other … Continue reading

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Entry 713: Eggstremely Gross

Well, it’s been a foul month for fowl. You had the whole Thanksgiving thing, of course, which doesn’t do much for the turkey population. But chickens have had it even worse. In fact, they should start a movement to protest … Continue reading

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Holiday Rerun Post: Thankgiving Multi-Tasking

Just as TV networks show the same holiday specials every year, I thought I’d recycle this Thanksgiving post from three years ago, with a slight update of movie titles. A couple of years ago around Thanksgiving, I wrote about what … Continue reading

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Entry 712: This is a Live Action Post

Last week, I wrote about how humans are helping robots take over the world, in one case by teaching them to write horror stories and, in another, by giving them breasts. Today, I’d like to talk about how humans are … Continue reading

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Entry 711: Mr. Hannity, Mr. Moore and Mr. Coffee

There’s something I’ve long suspected, but now I finally have proof. I’ve always wondered how someone who earns, say, less than a quarter million dollars a year could be a Republican, since the GOP so obviously legislates in favor of … Continue reading

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Entry 710: Bad Robots

I’ve written before about how scientists seem determined to develop artificial intelligence that is destined to destroy all of humanity, as depicted in the Terminator series of movies in which self-aware robots travel back in time to kill Michael J. … Continue reading

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Entry 709: I’m Sorry!

I have an apology to make. It comes in the wake of the whole Harvey Weinstein mess, and my PR folks have suggested that I take pre-emptive action to ”get out ahead” of any accusations that may come my way. … Continue reading

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Entry 708: This May Sting a Little

Once again it’s the Obamacare open enrollment period, that time of year when Americans who don’t get health coverage through work consider killing themselves rather than trying to figure out how they can pay for health coverage. Well, I’m here … Continue reading

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Entry 707: Click Bait Time Savers

I firmly believe that one of the great scourges of the Internet is so-called “click bait” headlines–teasers that tempt you to click on them for the full story. Often, you then have to click through many other ad-infested screens to … Continue reading

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