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Entry 678: Atomic Bond

Hello again, boys and girls. It’s Mr. Sciencemoron, and I’m back with more news from the Large Hadron Collider! Almost exactly two years ago, I told you about the amazing pentaquark. It was a sub-atomic particle the large hadron scientists … Continue reading

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Entry 677: Facebook Follies

You have to hand it to Mark Zuckerberg. Perhaps nobody in human history has ever invented a bigger waste of time. Just one day’s worth of examples… You can submit your photo to sites that promise to tell you what … Continue reading

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Entry 676: Quickies V

Often, I come across stories about which I have a few snide comments, but not enough for a full post. So every once in awhile, I collect them for a Quickies post. This time, as a bonus, I’ll be introducing … Continue reading

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Entry 675: Life Before Netflix

Once upon a time, before TVs were smart and presidents were dumb, when the words “stream” and “cloud” had something to do with water, just about every neighborhood in America had something called a “video store.” Even the smallest towns … Continue reading

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Entry 674: Just Wait Until They All Get on Your Subway Car

The lead of the NPR story read as follows: The world’s population growth is slowing, according to a new United Nations report, but the number of people living on Earth will still approach 10 billion by the year 2050. The … Continue reading

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Entry 673: Take Me Out to the Ullamaliztli Game

In case you think America’s big-time, big money pro sports will be around forever, you should learn a lesson from the Aztecs. I’m reminded of this by the recent discovery in Mexico City of an ancient tlachtli, or ball court. … Continue reading

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Entry 672: Would You Like Your Shetland Sheepdog With or Without a Moonroof?

As a long-time dog owner and lifetime dog lover, I have come across something that I believe is absolutely bizarre: people are leasing dogs. According to Bloomberg News, a company called Wags Lending allows folks to walk a shiba inu … Continue reading

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