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Entry 859: Yeah, But Game of Thrones Doesn’t Have Any Androids

Dear HBO, I know you’re all caught up in the excitement of the final season of Game of Thrones, but can I just ask–what the hell happened to Westworld? You’ve just announced that our favorite fatal theme park, which we … Continue reading

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Entry 858: Things I’ve Learned About My Granddaughter

Well, my granddaughter Sydney turns 11 months old tomorrow, and I’ve spent enough quality time with her to get to know her really well. For instance . . . >Sydney is very easily impressed. She appears to be in awe … Continue reading

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Entry 857: Good New Food

I have written often about my distrust of new food–that is, food that wasn’t around when I was growing up, or that you never saw in restaurants until a couple of decades ago. Some of it, like Chilean Sea Bass … Continue reading

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Entry 856: God Bless You, Mr. Cavoukian

The other day, Mr. Cavoukian was on my daughter’s phone. And he was singing. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re an idiot. I didn’t say Doctor Cavoukian and, in any case, you’re thinking of Dr. Kevorkian, the suicide guy, … Continue reading

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Entry 855: Maybe I Don’t Want to Be Found

Every Saturday morning, I get an email from LinkedIn. “You appeared in 13 searches this week!” the subject line said recently. The number of searches is always different, depending on how many people had tried to find me. Thirteen was … Continue reading

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Entry 854: There’s a Kid Under There Somewhere

In a new poll by The New York Times and Morning Consult, 75 percent of parents reported that they had made appointments for their children, like for doctor visits or haircuts. You probably think those are low percentages. After all, … Continue reading

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Entry 853: Kanpai!

Here’s a profound question for you to ponder today: how come you expect Swiss chocolate to come from Switzerland, but not Swiss cheese? I was thinking about this late one evening while driving home from my bi-weekly poker game, an … Continue reading

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