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Entry 557: The Day the Music Died…and Came Back in Another Format

THIS JUST IN! In shocking news that has absolutely nothing to do with the title of this post, Eugena Washington has been crowned the 2016 Playboy Playmate of the Year. This was a huge surprise, because no one knew they … Continue reading

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Entry 556: No Country for Old Men (or Women)

As should be painfully and bipartisanly obvious to all voters in America, none of our current presidential candidates is qualified to run the country. I’m not only talking about the fact that, even if you used all three of their … Continue reading

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Entry 555: Somebody Got Arrested for Something

Well there’s bad news for Nipsey Hussle…and me. According to TMZ: Nipsey Hussle dodged charges for his sizzurp arrest by copping a plea for his suspended license charge … and the end result is a couple days behind bars. “A … Continue reading

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Entry 554: For Sale: One Gun, Slightly Used

I used to be quite a collector, and I still get occasional emails from eBay that someone has listed, say, 1939 World’s Fair Memorabilia…or a mechanical bank…or a murder weapon. I’m only kidding about the last one. George Zimmerman didn’t … Continue reading

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Entry 553: May the Flies Be With You (Instead of With Me)

I will now conclude my two-part series about annoying bugs. Part I was about the cicada, a flying insect which is as noisy as a 747 and about the size of a carry-on bag. In Part II, I will address … Continue reading

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Entry 552: Cicadas Can’t Count

Well, the media are in an uproar over the latest threat to our American way of life, and I am not referring to any of the presidential candidates. Apparently, the Northeast is about to be inundated with Brood V cicadas, … Continue reading

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Entry 551: The Hawkman Cometh

Hello, boys and girls. It’s Mr. Sciencemoron, back again to explain some of the latest news from the world of science which you cannot possibly understand without my help. This episode is all about Stephen Hawking, or, as we science … Continue reading

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