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Entry 718: The Wide World of Swine

Lately, hardly a day goes by without another famous American man getting fired, or resigning, or being accused of some horrendous act or acts against women that makes normal people go, “Why would somebody do that?” You have to admire … Continue reading

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Entry 717: Holiday Gifts for People You Don’t Particularly Like

Around this time each year, I perform a service for my readers by curating a collection of unusual holiday gifts for your unloved ones…detestable folks for whom you are obligated to buy a present. It’s not about giving them something … Continue reading

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Entry 716: Babe and Switch

In my last post, I wrote about Baby, Say Cheese, a photo studio that has opened near me that specializes in fetus photography. And I told you all about its $495 Diamond Deluxe Package which includes ultrasound images plastered onto … Continue reading

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Entry 715: How Do You Know If It’s Smiling?

You’ll never guess what recently opened next to our local pizza place: a pre-natal photo studio! Yes, parents who just can’t wait to annoy their friends and relatives with photos of their baby can now annoy their friends and relatives … Continue reading

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Bonus Cartoon Post

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Entry 714: You’re Richer Than You Think

Have you ever wondered how much total wealth there is in the world? Yeah, me neither. But just in case, here’s the answer: $280 trillion. That includes euros, and pounds, and yens, and wons and pesos and all that other … Continue reading

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Entry 713: Eggstremely Gross

Well, it’s been a foul month for fowl. You had the whole Thanksgiving thing, of course, which doesn’t do much for the turkey population. But chickens have had it even worse. In fact, they should start a movement to protest … Continue reading

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