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Entry 642: A Call from the Past

Well, I recently took yet another trip to Coconut Creek, Florida, spent chauffering my dementia-addled mother around to get her hair and nails done; pick up and put down nearly everything on the shelves of the dollar store; and eat … Continue reading

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Entry 641: World Peace Through Chick Peas

Welcome to the Food Network’s new show, Restaurants That Haven’t Closed Yet. It’s where we take you to new and trendy eateries that people can’t wait to get into because they’re new and trendy, but will close as soon as … Continue reading

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Entry 640: Kiss My Blarney Button With Your Nail Polish Remover

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, the one holiday that is impossible to write about without using derogatory ethnic stereotypes. So instead, I’ll tell you about some holidays you can celebrate next week without throwing up. For instance, next week is … Continue reading

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Entry 639: Just Sign Here

So our financial advisor sold us an annuity recently. He made a very convincing case for it, and since we’ve already entrusted him with our life savings, we figured, why the hell not. After all, if he was going to … Continue reading

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Bonus Post: Don’t Play With Time

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a problem with Daylight Savings Time. Wait, let me rephrase that. It’s not DST specifically I have a problem with, it’s the idea that we can fool around with time at … Continue reading

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Entry 638: The Checks Are in the Mail. So Are the Balances.

If there’s one thing we all remember of what we learned in school about the U.S. government, it’s the phrase “checks and balances.” Also, the chuckle we enjoyed when we first heard the name “Millard Fillmore.” Our Founding Fathers created … Continue reading

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Entry 637: I Don’t Want to Carp on This, But…

Since our daughter Casey was born over 30 years ago, my family has had a lot of pets. If we made a graphic of all the pets we’ve had, it would look like one of those evolution charts, albeit one … Continue reading

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