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Entry 868: I Bet They Really Know the Alphabet By Now

Our granddaughter Sydney, who just turned one year old, has a lot of toys. Most of them fall into one of two categories: Toys with many pieces. Toys that talk. Both categories are annoying, but today I’d like to talk … Continue reading

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Entry 867: Happy Birthday, Syd

Well, today is our granddaughter Sydney’s first birthday and she’s going to have a party tomorrow. It’s going to be a surprise party because, at one year old, pretty much everything is a surprise. I mean, at that age, you … Continue reading

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Entry 866: Can We Just Lease One?

My wife Barbara and I have been car shopping again. As previously documented in this blog, it’s not something we like to do. Neither of us are really car people, and we don’t enjoy haggling with dealers, or taking test … Continue reading

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Entry 865: Birthrate and Alabama at All-Time Lows

I feel the need to comment on two headlines that appeared on the same day this past week. U.S. Births Fell to a 32-year Low in 2018 Alabama Gov. Signs Nation’s Strictest Abortion Bill I guess I’ve been harboring a … Continue reading

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Entry 864: When General Tso Was Just a Private

I really only remember one of my grandparents. My father’s parents were both dead by the time I was born. My mother’s mother died of an aneurism when I was around eight. All I recall about her was her addiction … Continue reading

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Entry 863: Boo-WHO

So the UN’s World Health Organization has issued new guidelines for how much screen time children should be exposed to. According to them, my granddaughter Sydney should not be allowed to look at any screens at all, except to use … Continue reading

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Entry 862: Metamorphosis

I wanted to add a sight gag to a recent post, but first I needed to make myself look like The Incredible Hulk. Such is the array of useless things on the internet that I Googled “turn yourself into the … Continue reading

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