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Entry 799: Looking for Work in 2040

So now that our granddaughter Sydney is four months old, we’re starting to wonder which colleges she should apply to. She has already exhibited the sort of curiosity, constant leg movement, photographic smile, and advanced neck musculature that could get … Continue reading

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Bonus Post: America, the Reality Show

I have to tell you, the hearings yesterday made me as upset as Lindsay Graham when he spills his mint julep. I just had to write something. I don’t have to do something; that might involve getting up from my … Continue reading

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Entry 798: Wall-y World

Welcome to the Wide World of Walls, the 24-hour cable news network show that brings you up to date on all the walls in the news. There’s a lot to cover this week, so let’s get right to our top … Continue reading

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Entry 797: Modern Immaturity

My wife Barbara and I have acquired a shusher. I’ll admit that we’re both kind of old to have a shusher; our parents certainly didn’t have one when they were our age, and I’d be willing to bet that the … Continue reading

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Entry 796: Nowhere Fit to Sit

Recently I went on one of my quarterly excursions to Florida to drive my mother to the nail salon and Walmart. As I usually do, I flew JetBlue from Westchester Airport, the totally random airport code for which is HPN. … Continue reading

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Entry 795: Blind as an App

I don’t know why I have such a low opinion of my fellow humans. Recently, I learned about an app called Be My Eyes which allows vision-impaired people to connect in real time with vision unimpaired people to get help … Continue reading

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Entry 794: Celebrity News You Missed

I’m back from my week off, and I’m here to get you up to date on some celebrities not named Kardashian. Let’s start with someone who is missing one of the most important prerequisites for  celebritosity: being famous. In America, … Continue reading

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