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BONUS POST: All Your Labor Day Questions Answered

Here’s a post from two years ago you might enjoy this weekend. Well, Labor Day weekend is upon us, and I’m sure you all have some important questions… Q. Who was Labor and why do we have a holiday honoring … Continue reading

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Entry 688: Goodbye, Columbus

In the wake of the Charlottesville tragedy, many municipalities across the country are now reassessing their statuary, looking closely to determine if any of their monuments are offensive to anybody. New York City, for instance, is forming a committee, according … Continue reading

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Entry 645: The Latest Thing in Electronic Banking: Money

Well, I just got a promotional flyer in the mail from Chase Bank that is just unbelievable. But it seems like they send me something like this every few years. I remember when I received their mailer informing me that … Continue reading

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Entry 643: More New Old Stuff

From time to time, I like to report on the field of archaeology, practitioners of which are always presenting us with wonders of the past. Previously, I’ve told you about finds such as 2,100-year-old eye medication and three-century year old … Continue reading

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Bonus Post: Don’t Play With Time

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a problem with Daylight Savings Time. Wait, let me rephrase that. It’s not DST specifically I have a problem with, it’s the idea that we can fool around with time at … Continue reading

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BONUS President’s Day Post

It has just come to my attention via a video clip from The Rachael Ray Show that Teddy Roosevelt once had a live badger thrown at him. Teddy Roosevelt then adopted the badger, and it spent the next four years … Continue reading

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Entry 629: Oh What a Horrible Morning!

For some years now, I’ve started my mornings with a good ol’ cup of Joe and the important news of the day, as delivered to my computer via Facebook. I liked beginning my day with updates on various people’s statuses, … Continue reading

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