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Entry 924: Let Him Off Easy

Right now, I’d like to address a subject that nobody is talking about: impeachment. Ha, ha–just kidding. I think we’ve all had enough impeachiness to last several lifetimes, especially those of us who also lived through the whole Clinton thing, … Continue reading

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Entry 923: Twas the Tweet Before Christmas

Whatever you’re celebrating this week, happy holidays! See you soon.

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Entry 922: Pregnant Post

People–well, mostly women–having been getting pregnant for quite some time now, so it may come as a surprise that certain kinds of pregnancies are still newsworthy. For example, an Indian woman named Erramatti Mangayamma recently gave birth to twins. This … Continue reading

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Entry 921: It Doesn’t Make Scents

Of all the senses, sense of smell is probably my second weakest one, right above my fashion sense. I have a deviated septum, which, while being one of the lesser deviations one can have, does limit your ability to detect … Continue reading

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Entry 920: Unappreciated Appreciation

Here’s something to consider next time you send an email LOLing at someone’s lame joke: you’re contributing to global warming and causing one hell of a traffic jam in England. Allow me to explain. Accord to a study by OVO, … Continue reading

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Entry 919: Return to the City of the Dead

Well, it’s that most wonderful time of the year and so, in keeping with the tradition of this blog, I’m doing a post about death. One of the more depressing aspects of being 65 years old, right after being unable … Continue reading

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Entry 918: If I Had a Hammacher . . .

This is the post where I tell you all about the stuff in the Hammacher Schlemmer Holiday Catalog! For those of you unfamiliar with HS (or with my previous posts about it), it’s the company that “Guarantees the Best, the … Continue reading

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