Entry 607: 40 Random Things We Should NOT Be Thankful For (Besides the Obvious), Part II

See yesterday’s post for #1-20.

21. Horribly scripted commentary during the Thanksgiving Day Parade (I always feel hqdefault1terrible for Matt Lauer)

22. Childproof caps that adults can’t open

23. Lawyers

24. 60-second prescription drug commercials that are 53 seconds of side effects

25. Political polls (it seems like they’re really just guessing)

26. 10-day weather forecasts (see #25)

27. Thursday night football

28. Morons who speed up when you signal to get into their lanehd

29. The 1%.

30. That you’re not part of the 1%.

31.Vegetable-flavored ice cream

32. Celebrity selfies

33. How, when you look at an item on Amazon but don’t buy it, it then stalks you around the Internet

34. Anything online that promises to be jaw-dropping

35. Kim Jong-un

36 Kim Jong-un’s hairkim-jong-un-20161

37. Outgoing voice mail recordings that the people thought were cute and that are really annoying and you have to listen to them every friggin’ time you call

38. Disclaimers on radio commercials (if you’re going to require the disclaimers, shouldn’t you require that they be intelligible?)

39. Blackout Wednesday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday.  (Why do all the days around Thanksgiving have to specialize in something?)

40. A divided nation

But there’s lots to be thankful for, too. So have a great Thanksgiving. See you soon.

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