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Entry 654: Braining Cats & Dogs

Well, the pet researchers are at it again, folks. I’ve previously reported on ridiculous studies that sought to determine whether dogs feel guilt; whether dogs are moral (I’m not sure you can have the first without the second); and the … Continue reading

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Entry 489: Why Dogs Don’t Go to Confession

Welcome to another edition of “Stupid Canine Studies Conducted By Researchers Who Have Never Seen a Dog in the Real World.” I’ve previously covered actual studies that… Purported to find that dogs can only remember stuff for two minutes. Tried … Continue reading

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Entry 432: By the Time You Finish Reading This, Your Dog Will Have Forgotten You

A study by researchers at Stockholm University has concluded that “animals have no long-term memory of arbitrary events.”  By “long-term,” the researchers mean longer than 27 seconds, which is the average across all species they looked at. And, yes, that includes … Continue reading

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