Entry 809: The Morning After

Disclaimer: This post was written before any results were in.

Well the midterm elections are finally over, and all of us, regardless of political affiliation, can finally breathe a sigh of relief . . . because we don’t have to see any more campaign ads.

Anyway, in the wake of the elections, here are some random political thoughts I’ve been saving up:

Sometimes I think the blue states should separate from the red states and start their own country, even if it would mean a civil war. But then I remember which side would have most of the guns.
When we talk about blue waves and red tides, we should remember that either can sink a ship.
Trump is probably right about some things. But he’s definitely an asshole about everything.
This may only be true of the New York metro area, but I noticed that almost none of the campaign ads identified the candidate’s party. I can understand it for Republicans (again, I’m talking about the East coast here), but even Democrats weren’t exactly shouting their affiliation. On one hand, it may indicate a good trend that voters have to like or dislike an individual instead of voting blindly along party lines. On the other hand, it’s difficult to root for a team if the players aren’t wearing uniforms.
You know how, at the end of every campaign commercial, the candidate says “I’m so-and-so and I approved this ad.”? Considering some of the ads, I’d hate to see what sort of legislation they’d approve.
It seems to me that Republican supporters fall into two groups: those who put their own well-being before morals and those who put their beliefs before their own well-being. Democrats, on the other hand, only fall into one group: those who don’t know what the hell they want.
According to Wallethub’s rating of the most and least educated states, all but three of the bottom 25 are red states. It’s easy to draw a conclusion from that (“Gee, people who vote Republican are idiots”) but I would encourage you not to rush toward such a judgement. For one thing, quality of education is not the only characteristic that correlates almost perfectly with red voting tendencies. Another is the popularity of football in that state. So, clearly, people who vote Republican are brain-damaged.
Apparently, when doing campaign ads, you’re allowed to make stuff up about your opponent. The only recourse the opponent has is to do ads repudiating what you said about them and then adding a couple of lies about you. This is why America’s political discourse sounds like a couple of kids in a playground insulting each other’s mothers.
Many of the campaign commercials didn’t even mention the candidate they were for; they were only about what was horrible about the other person. So it’s actually possible for the candidate who spends the most money to have the least “brand recognition.” After all, they barely ever mention their own name.                                                          *************************************************************
Media-wise, Election Day is like Superbowl Sunday: all-day coverage of absolutely nothing. The game doesn’t start until the polls close, folks
Politicians love bringing up their military experience. Thank you for your service and all, but I’m not sure how your time flying helicopters in Afghanistan qualifies you to be in Congress. Fighting a war isn’t exactly about compromise, and that is what our government is severely lacking.
It’s been well-publicized that more money was spent on this election than any midterms in history . . . by far. Some estimates put the figure at $5.2 billion. If that money was distributed among every man, woman and child in America, it would come to . . . oh, only $16 apiece. I thought that was going to be much more impressive. But maybe if everyone with income over $500,000 (around 6.5 million people) didn’t get their $16 and, instead, those funds were distributed among those below the poverty level (about 39.7 million), that would be an additional, um, $2.60 per poor person. Jeez, this just isn’t working. Plus I’m getting a headache from all the math. Just take your damn $16 and get a nice cocktail while you mull over the state of democracy in America.

See you soon.

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