Entry 596: Ancient History

If you’re over 55 years old, you probably think you’re young for your age. You know, “60 is the new 40″ and all that.

Well, allow me to demonstrate how old you are.

I’ve devised the following set of questions for millennials (born 1984 or later). They probably won’t get too many of them right unless they cheat by looking stuff up online, which millennials are wont to do. However, if you’re 55 or older, you’ll do very well, unless you’re already losing your memory.

1. Which of the following bands did not play at Woodstock in 1969?
a. Sly & the Family Stone
b. Blood Sweat & Tears
c. Hootie and the Blowfish
d. Crosby Stills Nash & Young

2. In 1969, the song “Sugar Sugar” by the Archies was #1. The Archies were a unique group at the time because they were…
a. All over 30 years old
b. All born within view of the Gateway Arch in St.Louis
c. All fans of Archie Bunker
d. All cartoons

3. Archie Bunker was…
a. A politician
b. A sitcom character
c. A singer
d. The head of the Black Panthers

4. If somebody called you “fat,” you were probably…
a. Cool
b. High
c. Overweight
d. Old


5. This person was…>>>>>>>>>>>>
a. Named after part of a tree
b. David Bowie when he was young
c. Kate Moss’ mother
d. The designer of the first mini-skirt

6. In the 1960’s, you could listen to music on a small portable device. It was called a…
a. Walkman
b. Transistor radio
c. Boombox
d. Device from the future

7. “Spiro” was the name of a…
a. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria
b. Birth control device
c. Vice President
d. Dog in a comic strip

8. The Captain and Tenille were…
a. The hosts of Captain and Tenille’s Laugh-In
b. Puppets
c. Street slang for two different drugs
d. Pop stars

9. The war in Vietnam was about…
a. Working conditions in shirt factories
b. Something involving dominos
c. 20 years long
d. A bowl of pho

10. In the 1960’s, everyone wore a certain type of jeans with very wide bottoms you were constantly tripping over. These were…
a. Bell bottoms
b. Dangerous
c. In retrospect, really stupid-looking
d. Dust mop dungareeshuckleberry21

11. “Huckapoo” was…
a. A make-out session
b. A highly flammable garment
c. A TV show featuring pop music and kids dancing
d. The first name of this cartoon dog>>>>>>>>>>

12. You used “Tang” by…
a. Sniffing it
b. Injecting it into a vein
c. Mixing it with water and drinking it
d. Smoking it

13. Where would you be most likely to get S&H Green Stamps?
a. The post office
b. The supermarket
c. A government distribution center
d. In the mail

14. Which of the following codes was introduced in the 1960’s?
a. Area code
b. Zip code
c. Morse code
d. Enigma code

15. This object was used for45rpmadapter1>>>>>>>>
a. Playing records
b. Birth control
c. Clipping socks together in the laundry
d. Enhancing an LSD “trip”

If you got 12 or more right, you’re friggin’ old!

See you soon.

1-C (The fish at Woodstock were with Country Joe)
5-A (Twiggy)
8. D
11-B (The dog was Huckleberry Hound; the TV show was “Hullabaloo”)21867914_21


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