Entry 529: Quickies III

Often, I come across stories about which I have a few snide comments, but not enough for a full post. So every once in awhile, I collect them for a Quickies post.

In response to parents and child psychologists who complain that the traditional Barbie Barbies-realistic_3559426b[1]doll causes young girls to have self-image issues, Mattel has come out with “Curvy Barbie” and “Petite Barbie” and “Tall Barbie.”  Personally, I’m waiting for old, fat, bald Ken.


The Census Bureau recently released a list of the 18 states with the highest negative population flow…that is, states with the largest differential of people moving out than in. The list is by percentage, not raw numbers, and the worst is, surprisingly, Hawaii, with 65 people moving in and 106 moving out, for a 62% outbound rate. Big deal. I’ve lived in apartment buildings with more people moving in and out. In related statistics, Mississippi has the highest mortality rate per capita, but doesn’t even appear on the list of 18 states with the highest negative population flow. Why not? I’d say death is a pretty negative flow of population. And those folks ain’t coming back!


I just ordered some stamps from the USPS website. I could buy them from my local post office, of course, but then I would have to leave my house. But the USPS charges an extra $1 for shipping. Why? What does it cost them?


So Jim Gilmore has suspended his run for the Republican presidential nomination. I

Evidently NOT Jim Gilmore.

Evidently NOT Jim Gilmore.

find this news shocking, primarily because I didn’t know he was running. In fact, I don’t even know who he is, unless “Jim” was the first name of Lorelai’s father.*  Sure, all the candidates have been overshadowed by the antics of Donald Trump.  But this guy was overshadowed by Ben Carson!


Speaking of current events, it’s really cold in the New York metro area this weekend. “How cold is it?,” you ask, because you’re old and grew up with Johnny Carson. It’s so cold that they canceled an ice festival in Central Park. Seriously. It was deemed too cold for an ice festival. And that comes just weeks after the annual Central Park Winter Festival, in which truckloads of snow are brought into the park, was canceled due to a snowstorm.  I know a lot of people in Minnesota, and I’ll bet they’re all gathered around their ice fishing holes sharing a few chuckles about what sissies we are! Jeez, what’s next–too hot for Burning Man?


Finally, today is Valentine’s Day, and I’d like to share with you some information about its The_St._Valentine's_Day_Massacre_film_poster[1]namesake, St. Valentine. I’d like to, but I can’t, because almost nothing is known about him except that he was “buried in a cemetery on the Via Flaminia close to the Milvian bridge to the north of Rome.” Nobody even knows if he was actually one guy or two, or why there was later a massacre named after him. I bet he liked chocolate, though.

See you soon.

*Gilmore Girls reference.

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One Response to Entry 529: Quickies III

  1. Barbara says:

    It was Richard Gilmore!

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