Entry 192: The Blah-g

Well, we moved to this house in May of 2011, and I’m just about done talking about it.

Really. How much can I say about moving to our first house at our advanced age? We’ve managed to live here for a year and a half and not blow the place up, so good for us.

Ah, but the blog goes on, even though, as you may have noticed, I’ve been writing about other things lately.  So I thought the name of this blog should now reflect what I’ve been doing anyway, which is to rant about stuff, particularly the lack of common sense in the world today. However, my I.T. person (my daughter Casey) informs me that I cannot simply change the name of the blog, that I’d have to start a whole new blog, and that I’d have to build up my massive readership from scratch.

So instead, I’m just going to go on the way I have, talking about things that I hate, or at least find amusingly stupid.  The name of this blog will still be The Upsizers, and if you’ve subscribed, you’ll still get the e-mails,* but you and I will know the real secret: it’s now about stuff that annoys me and, possibly, you.

Yes, now that the ancient Mayans have been revealed to be a bunch of idiots** and we’ve s-ANUS-TATTOO-NEXT-BIG-THING-large[1]survived to start another year (assuming nothing horrible happens today), I’ll have more to say about the morons of the world and the moronic things they do. To just about any asinine person or thing that comes along, from the head of the NRA to the newest unnecessary technology, from the lady who thought they should move the “deer crossing” sign from the busy highway to somewhere it would be safer for the deer to cross to the chef that cooked his own testicles, from the latest trends in tattoos (anal) to the latest trends in auctions (virgins), I will stand up in proud resistance like the French Les%20Miserables%20615-barricades[1]people in The Miserables (only without the barricade made of 19th century antiques) and say, “BLAH.”***

Which will make this thing you’re a reading a “Blah-g.”

So, please keep reading into 2013, and a happy new year to one and all, and let’s all be thankful that they can no longer wheel Dick Clark out for the countdown tonight.

See you in 2013.

*If you haven’t subscribed, why not?

**Interestingly, the Mayans weren’t wrong about the end of the world the way you think Mayan-Calendar[1]they were.  They were actually overly optimistic. The problem was that their prediction was misinterpreted to mean “the end of the world,” although their calendar clearly shows that they were really talking about “the end of Mayan civilization,” so they were off by hundreds of years. However, they got their prediction of “the New York Jets will really suck in 2012” exactly right.

***Okay, the French didn’t say “blah.”^

^They sang it.

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One Response to Entry 192: The Blah-g

  1. Fran Velsor says:

    Happy New Year. Glad the blog (or blahg) will keep on keepin on.We are never at a loss (unfortunately) for annoying things and people ! See you at Gene’s in 2013 🙂

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