Entry 108: Getting into Shape

One thing I’ve noticed about owning a real home is that there are many opportunities to get exercise.

For instance, at least twice a day, I take a brisk walk up and down our 45-degree driveway, once in the morning to get the newspaper, and again in the afternoon to get the mail.  Sometimes the mail isn’t there yet, and I have to make an additional trip.  Our dog Toby occasionally likes to go down the hill (but no further!), in which case I not only get another up and down trip or two, but also the additional exercise of standing in the middle of our cul de sac doing a slow turn in case there are any squirrels in the area.

Sometimes, I even augment my driveway workout with weights–once a week with the recyclables cannister, and on weekends with the heavier-than-usual newspapers.

But I don’t want you to think that the driveway is my only source of exercise.  No, no, no.

There is also the kitchen.

Regular readers know that our kitchen is the result of combining two formerly separate rooms in much the same way that East Berlin was combined with West Berlin, only without the Germans.  Yes, we brought down our wall, too, uniting the former West Kitchen and East Kitchen (or dining room), and now the kitchen is roughly the size of, well, a really large kitchen.  And, in a conscious effort to increase our physical activity, we have cleverly located our coffeemaker on the opposite end of the kitchen from the refrigerator.

At my current rate of coffee consumption, (and unless I get lazy and start drink my coffee black), I estimate that this adds up to several miles a day, especially when you consider that the kitchen is on the opposite end of the house from my office!

As you can see from the photo, all this exercise has done wonders for me. (Okay, the picture is obviously Photoshopped; I don’t own a pair of tight black shorts.)

Seriously, though, in the 10 months or so that we’ve lived here, I’ve stayed pretty much exactly the same. Meanwhile my wife Barbara and daughter Casey have both lost a ton of weight.

Now it’s true that Casey gets extra exercise thundering up the stairs from the basement several times a day, but she usually only does that to get something to eat, so that’s probably a wash, calorie-wise. It’s possible that the disparity is because both Barbara and Casey have been doing Weight Watchers, but still…

I might just have to drink more coffee!

See you soon.  Or should I say “I’ll be back.”

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