Entry 69: The Birth of a Kitchen (and Other News)

It’s finished!

The 7-week project that we began in July of 2007 is finally complete. Yes, that’s right, we started on it before we even owned this house…before we even knew we wanted a new house.

At least it seems we started that long ago.

But on Tuesday morning, November 1 at approximately 9:30 am, the stainless steel counter was attached to the island, and…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

I use those words intentionally, and with the same meaning as that banner that hung behind George Bush when he stood on that aircraft carrier to declare the end of the war in Iraq about a decade early. There were still a few minor details to iron out.

Yes, we still have some minor details to iron out, like sealing the tile grout or some such thing. I know it can’t be totally finished because the contractors haven’t asked for their final payment, which is the home improvement equivalent of the fat lady singing. We also want to get a little table so we can sit at the window with a cup of coffee and gaze out dreamily at our neighbor’s pond.

But in other exciting news, our table pads have arrived. Yes, months before we will have our new dining room table and chairs, we have our pads! And our fireplace screen–that came, too. So now we can lay on our living room floor in front of a roaring fire lapping food up off our table pads!

And this just in: the generator is on! They came Wednesday morning, the day after our latest power outage, to get it going. They had to connect a car battery to start it, because it didn’t come with one. That’s right. Apparently, when you buy an extremely expensive apparatus to act as your emergency power source, batteries are not included!

So the electrician, Rob, yells out that he’s going to test it, and, being that the thing is right outside my office window, I’m hoping that the worst that can happen is that it doesn’t switch on, but that there’s no danger of catastrophic explosions or anything, because Barbara would be really pissed if my head got severed off, bounced down the hallway, and scratched the stainless steel counter top.

But the lights went off, then on, then off, then on, then off and then there was this sound outside like someone was starting a lawn mower or maybe a mufflerless 1975 V-8 Camaro, and the lights came on and stayed on, although not before all the clocks reset to 12:00.

So we are now ready for the next freak weather-related thing that comes our way, even if it’s just Al Roker walking into our low-hanging power lines.

See you soon.

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2 Responses to Entry 69: The Birth of a Kitchen (and Other News)

  1. Barbara says:

    I think planning actually started early May!

  2. janice weiss says:

    Mark, I enjoy all of your entrys — I actually laugh out loud. We’re now looking into a generator ourselves, not installed so we don’t have to deal with inspectors etc. Maybe we should start a business of mufflers for generators because they’re pretty loud, and the neighbors who have no power at all get really annoyed!!

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