Entry 59: Amazing Archaeological Finds Uncovered While Opening Boxes

As you can see from the photos, we now have counters in the kitchen. (Also note the beautiful, handy-assembled stools–see last post).

Having counters means we can no longer see directly into the top drawers of the cabinets. It also meant we could spend Saturday trying to reclaim our living room, which has spent the past few months masquerading as a storage room for stuff that would normally go in the kitchen and dining room.

This entailed opening a lot of boxes and trying to figure out where to put everything. In doing so, we discovered a number of interesting things:

1. We moved with garbage. Not obvious garbage, but items that we had taken the trouble of securely wrapping, and expertly boxing, and clearly labeling, and itemizing on an inventory. We had paid men to carry them out of our old house and carry them into our new house. We now unboxed them, and unwrapped them, and stared at them for a few seconds before we shrugged and discarded them, so that other men could carry them away.

2. We have many things that I swear I have never seen before.  These were most likely items that had gone from store to cabinet to packing box without ever seeing the light of day. There were so many items in this category, Casey hypothesized that perhaps the movers had given us stuff.  My theory is that the movers accidently switched one of our boxes with another household that was moving at the same time, and some poor family–probably cat people–had been extremely perplexed when they opened a box of dog toys that I have not seen since we moved in.

3. We own enough baking paraphernalia to open a bakery.  Our daughter, you see, loves to bake, and has been waiting not-so-patiently to once again have a kitchen to bake in. We actually moved with chocolate bits for baking. And the sheer number of cupcake pans is stupefying.

4. For non-alcoholics, we possess an unreasonable quantity of shot glasses.  I assure you that I do not come home at night after a hard day’s work and ask for a shot of whiskey. I don’t even come home at night, since I work at home and, frankly, not that hard. Not only are we not alcoholics, I, for one, am a permanent designated driver, even for people I don’t know. And all these shot glasses we have are not the collectible kind you pick up at popular destinations as a memento of how drunk you got on vacation. These are just everyday, unmarked shot glasses, and we have a lot of them. For no apparent reason.

5. The reels and reels of 8mm film of Barbara’s family’s old home movies, which were long ago digitally transferred to media that can actually be used, and which we had said there was no reason to bring with us, had come with us.  Maybe they jumped into a packing box on their own.

6 We lost a phone.  We had a kitchen phone. We know it came with us, because we connected it when we moved in. Then we put it somewhere for the construction. I’m sure it will show up someday when we move from this house. It will probably no longer be charged, however.

Anyway, there are still a few boxes around, but we can use the living room again, which really pleases our dog Toby, who likes to lay with his head on the arm of the couch which, sadly, we selected with exactly that purpose in mind. And we may soon be able to use our kitchen. You’ll know when that happens; you’ll be able to smell the cupcakes.

See you soon.

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