Entry 51: Thank You, CL&P!

In my last post, it may have sounded like I was complaining about having to go five days without modern conveniences like lights, TV, Internet and flushing toilets.

But I don’t want to sound ungrateful, because there were a lot of good things that came from our week without power, courtesy of Connecticut Light & Power (Slogan: “No power to the people.”)

  • We no longer ever have to take an expensive trip to Colonial Williamsburg. We’ve already seen what it was like to live in colonial times.
  • If Barbara had watched that episode of Real Housewives of Anywhere, her brain might have exploded.
  • We had five days to really enjoy our new kitchen before it got all mucked up with things like appliances and counter tops.
  • I could satisfy my gambling urges right at home, because going to the bathroom was like playing a slot machine. If it flushed–jackpot!
  • We discovered condiments in the back of the refrigerator that we didn’t know we had (and then threw them out).
  • I could spend quality time with my family, sitting around and having a quiet conversation. By no means did I actually do this though, primarily because Casey would have been texting snide comments about me to her friends the whole time. Possibly Barbara would have, too.
  • Ah, the simple joy of reading a good book, until sundown anyway, because I refuse to use an iPad to read. This was no problem for Barbara, however, who not only uses her iPad to read, but also has a pair of reading glasses with built-in battery-powered lights that make her look like an alien in the dark and scare the hell out of me.
  • We discovered more of our new town while driving around solely so we could recharge electronic devices in the car.
  • We recreated the days of yesteryear as we huddled around our radio listening for the news of the day, just as people did during World War II. Except, you know, without the blitzkriegs and such.
  • While we stayed with Barbara’s sister Karen and her husband Gary near where we used to live, our dog Toby got to revisit some of his old haunts.  Interestingly, he seemed somehow melancholy while doing it. Perhaps Thomas Wolfe was right: you really can’t smell home again.
  • I got to once again savor iced coffee from The Cupcake Kitchen in Irvington, NY, possibly the best iced coffee in the world, but not quite good enough to warrant driving all the way from Stamford just to get it.
  • We solidified our bonds with Karen and Gary, their two sons Evan and Jason, their dog Anakin, their cat Zorro, their snake Chewy, their nameless fish, and their late eel, who died while we were living with them, hopefully through no fault of ours.

So thank you, CL&P, for giving us this unique experience. Let’s not do it again.

See you soon.

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