Entry 50: Still Here

Well, we’ve been living in our new house for 50 blog posts now, but I still occasionally catch myself thinking “I can’t believe we actually did this.”

Sometimes the thought is a joyful one; other times it enters my head in much the same way as I imagine it might have occurred to Thelma and Louise just after they drove off the cliff.

I can’t believe we actually did this.

Still, here we are, in a new state, on top of a hill, and under construction. We’re all moved in and yet we’re not, because so much is waiting for the kitchen to be finished.

But in spite of all that, I feel pretty comfortable here. There may be no one on earth less suited for home ownership, but I do kinda feel at home. I do this week anyway.

This is in sharp contrast to last week, when I didn’t feel at home at all, primarily because I was living in someone else’s home, specifically that of my accommodating in-laws, Gary and Karen. I was doing this because Hurricane Irene had plunged my beautiful new home into the19th century like some massive, kitchenless time machine.

No power. No phones. No Internet. And each trip to the bathroom was a gamble, because any flush could be your last.

So on the Sunday night of the storm, we moved back to Westchester for the day it would take to get things working again.

Funny story…

Connecticut Power & Light (Slogan: “We fix no line before it’s time.”) didn’t have our power back until Friday! So our overnight visit to Karen & Gary’s house turned into five days away from home.

It was the worst vacation ever!

I mean, my work built up just like it does when we go on vacation, but I wasn’t having any fun like I sometimes do on vacation. No beach. No pool. No buffet. No frozen umbrella drinks. No duty-free shopping. No souvenir t-shirts.

On the other hand, we didn’t have to go through security, although their cat Zorro has an unsettling habit of jumping out of dark spaces when you least expect it.

Of course, work on the kitchen was halted for the entire week because they couldn’t use their large assortment of frightening power tools. I don’t know how they built kitchens before there was electricity; they must have had to use hand-powered tools to install the brackets for their flat-screen TVs.

Anyway, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my brother- and sister-in-law, and their sons, and their animals for putting up with us.

We’re back home now. And you know what?

It really does feel like home.

See you soon.

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