Entry 47: Hurricane Journal, Day II

Sunday, 1:30am: I am awakened by howling wind. Although I don’t really have to, I go to the bathroom. If we lose power, our pump can’t give us water from the well, and we’ll have to ration flushes. I go while I can.

Sunday, 4:30am: I am awakened by loud beeping followed immediately by loud barking. The beeping means the battery back-up on my PC has kicked in and we’ve lost power. The barking means my dog really hates the beeping.

Sunday, 4:40am: I take the dog out. Although I don’t usually use a leash, Toby is a 23-pound Shetland sheepdog and I’m afraid he might get blown away. He takes two steps outside and turns around. “Toby, you have to go,” I say. He does. He’s a good boy.

Sunday, 5:20am: I lay awake, extremely angry. We actually have a generator on order. The good news is, once it’s installed, there will never ever be another power outage.

Sunday, 8:00am: We listen to a report on our portable radio. Apparently there’s a hurricane out there.

Sunday, 9:36am: Hurricanes are boring.

Sunday, 11:19am: Barbara and I go outside to clean up a bit. Not that we think the storm is over, but the house is sort of gloomy and the “breeze” is refreshing. There’s no major damage on our property, just a lot of branches and such, and we pick up the bigger ones and put them in a big pile because, frankly, we don’t know what else to do with them. Maybe we’ll have a campfire. We stop after awhile because I don’t want to work up a sweat because I can’t take a shower.

Sunday, 12:03pm: I swear, if a walk into one more room and flick the light switch I’m just going to shoot myself.

Sunday, 12:48pm: The day of a hurricane is a good time for a nap.

Sunday, 2:06pm: I hear birds outside and realize I haven’t heard any since yesterday. Maybe that means the storm is over. Or maybe the birds are trying to warn us that a tree is about to fall on us. Thank you, birds!

Sunday, 2:27pm: I’ve been computerless all day. This is the most I’ve written longhand in years. My hand is cramping.

Sunday, 3:00pm: The Merritt Parkway is opened and, somewhat against my better judgement, we take off for my sister-in-law’s place in Westchester. I feel like we shouldn’t abandon ship but, then, if we were on a ship, I would have battened something down.

Sunday, 4:48pm: The wind is dying down. My family is happy now that they have internet access. Toby has pooped again. All is right with the world. Except for the part about possibly being without power for days. I am just so pissed about that generator!

Addendum, Tuesday, 4:30am: I am writing this on my wife’s laptop in my sister-in-law’s kitchen. I am here because we still have no power, and we enjoy lights. We have been told not to expect power for a few days yet. This will undoubtedly delay further kitchen updates.

See you soon…I hope.

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