Entry 42: Kitchen Update: Halftime Recap

Here we are at Week 5, and we’re about half-way through the 7-week project, so let’s see where we stand.

Well, we can stand in the kitchen, because there’s a floor, so we won’t fall through to the garage. There’s not much for us to do in there though except stare at the four walls, which we actually spend a lot of time doing, because we finally have four walls to stare at. This thanks to the stilt-walkers who were here last week. Yes, the drywallers (or are they sheetrockers–I have no idea what the difference is, although either would be a good name for a band) walk around on short stilts so they don’t have to constantly be moving ladders around. Very clever. Also good practice for when they entertain at children’s parties. (“For my next trick, kids, watch as I cut around this outlet!”)

We have a ceiling now, too, and windows, so we can really get an idea of the new dimensions of the room now that the kitchen and dining room have been combined and the walls have been repositioned. We can now see the cool indentation in the ceiling (I think it’s called a tray) and where all the lights will go. There will be a lot of lights. I think that’s so our friends from our old neighborhood will be able to see our new kitchen at night and be jealous.

Oh, and big news–the cabinets are in! They’re not in the kitchen, but they’re in. They got delivered to our garage over the weekend. So now all we have to do is figure out how to get one of our cars into the kitchen and we’re all set.  Anyway, once the cabinets are installed, we’ll be really excited, because it means we can start waiting for the counters!

So stay tuned. I’ll have another halftime recap for you in a couple of weeks.

See you soon.

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