Entry 38: Daughter in Residence

Our grown daughter lives with us in our new house. She lived with us in our old townhouse condo, too, but there she was on the second floor and had to pass by us to come and go.

Now she’s in the basement with a separate entrance, so we can go days without seeing her unless she wants something to eat.

I’m well aware of the recent trend of “boomerang children,” adult kids who are forced by the economy to become a burden on their parents. But, frankly, I like having Casey around, because her sense of humor is much more like mine than my wife’s is. Also, she empties the dishwasher instead of me. When we have a dishwasher. Which we don’t, at the moment, with the kitchen remodeling going on.

Of course, it’s one thing to provide a roof over her head for as long as she needs one. It’s another thing to make her comfortable.

You see, the house we happened to like best happened to have this basement, about half of which happened to be finished. When you imagine a finished basement, you probably envision a large paneled room with a pool table and perhaps a wet bar.

That is not what we have.

What we have is more like an apartment that is nicer than anywhere I lived until I was well into my thirties. True, it doesn’t have a kitchen, but it does have…

  • A huge living room with a wood-burning fireplace and sliding doors that lead out to a stone patio looking out to a wooded area with a stream running through it.
  • A separate bedroom.
  • A completely refinished bathroom.

This arrangement doesn’t exactly give Casey an incentive for leaving as soon as possible, especially since Barbara has thoughtfully provided Casey’s boyfriend Alex with his own key. However, it’s not a perfect set-up. For one thing, my office is directly above Casey’s bedroom, and she can hear me typing at five in the morning to which I said, “Tough, move out if you don’t like it.”

Barbara, on the other hand, immediately purchased a rug for my office.

In the not too distant future, Casey will have her teaching degree and, soon after that, she might actually get a job and soon after that she might move out.

Or not. After all, as part of our kitchen remodeling, Casey has inherited the old refrigerator. So she’s just a stove away from an actual residence. And the hot plate Barbara bought to cook on during the renovation seems to work really well.

See you soon…and happy 25th birthday, Casey!

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2 Responses to Entry 38: Daughter in Residence

  1. hoslaw says:

    oh, but you will miss her when she moves out! She’s a terrific kid – you guys were/are fantastic parents!

  2. dunetime says:

    When my husband died, I had this large house that I reclaimed as my own space with the “dogs”. Presently I have a roommate, a woman the same age as my youngest daughter. She comes and goes, work, school, house sitting, so we each have our alone time. We both treasure our alone time, and enjoy each others company when together. She walks the dogs, cooks once in a while, as I hate to cook for one and am tired of cooking. It works and you are doing your daughter a great favor of watching the two of you communicate in an older marriage. You will both continuing learning and remain young with the energy of the new generation.

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