Entry 36: Weekend Chores

When you’re a homeowner, you have to devote a large part of your weekends to chores.

That’s when you’re a homeowner. When I’m the homeowner in question, not so much.

I prefer to pay people to mow our lawn. And there’s nothing in the house that needs to be fixed right now, so I didn’t have to take the time to remind Barbara to call someone to come fix it.

So what were my chores this past weekend? Well, there was lots of napping to be done, so I took care of that. That’s much harder to do now that we own this house, because I have to decide where to do it. There’s the bedroom, the small bed in my office, the larger bed in the guest room, the reclining chair on the deck. The living room couch is off limits because of the construction going on, so that makes my life a little easier.

What else did I have to do? There was the Sunday Times crossword, but I had that done by Saturday afternoon (not to brag or anything). I blew some leaves around, but that was mostly to entertain my dog, who enjoys herding them. Toby is a Shetland sheepdog who is extremely smart, except, apparently, when it comes to realizing that leaves will not get into line when he barks at them and chases them.

I did go around the house collecting garbage and recycling. That’s my big homeowner chore. I go from room to room replacing trash bags, and I take everything to the bins in the garage, and I put the bins out on the appropriate days, and then I bring them back in.

So that’s what I did yesterday. It took about 15 minutes, which was good, because there was another nap I had to take.

See you soon.

KITCHEN UPDATE: We have windows! With actual glass! So we now have, um, a big gaping hole with windows!

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3 Responses to Entry 36: Weekend Chores

  1. Saul Silverstein says:

    So when is the house warming?

  2. markhal says:

    Hopefully while it’s still warm. Let’s just say the leaves will probably be in their full glory.

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