Entry 29–Kitchen Demolition Journal: Friday

8:03am–There have never been more than two or three demo guys here at a time, but this morning an army of trucks and men arrive, preparing, I guess, to launch an all-out assault. We confer briefly with John about a minor plan amendment. By “minor” we mean the moving of a wall. Not too long ago, I would have considered the moving of a wall to be fairly major, but now it’s on a par with changing our minds about what kind of switch plates we want.

9:26am–For the first time this week, one of the guy asks if he can use the bathroom which, of course, makes me wonder what they’ve been using previously.

11:33am–I emerge from my office after a conference call, which I had on mute most of the time because of all the noise. There is a sort of makeshift frame between the big, gaping hole (BGH) and the living room which, I have a suspicion, may actually be holding the house up.  (To be safe, I’ve instructed my family not to touch it).  On top of that, there is a new BGH on the outside of the house where the large bay window in the dining room used to be. I do not know where the bay window is now; I don’t see any sign of it in the dumpster. It is as if it was simply sucked off the house by alien technology and transported up to the mother ship. As a side dish, they also sucked out the small window that was on the side of the dining room. That is now an SSH, or small square hole.

3:30pm–Real progress has been made today, if the word “progress” can mean utter destruction. All interior walls scheduled for removal are gone, as are two of the windows. But the kitchen greenhouse window still has to go, as does the skylight, which will, I suppose, create an MRH or Medium Roof Hole.

The dumpster has been carted away, filled beyond the brim I’m proud to say, and has revealed the hiding place of the bay window. I’m not sure why it couldn’t have gone into the cannister; maybe the guys are planning on selling it on the secondary window market which, I understand, actually exists. They’re welcome to, as far as I’m concerned, as long as it’s out of my driveway. It’s not as if I’m going to put it up on eBay.

Barbara went down for the mail and says that, from the bottom of our 45 degree driveway, or what we now refer to as Hallen Mountain, you wouldn’t even know we’re having work done. I guess that might be true if you thought the house had been condemned. I mean, we do have two major boarded-up windows.

John says the work will go on over the weekend, but I think I’ll revert back to my usual posts on Monday, maybe with little kitchen updates at the end.

See you soon…if I can get the dust off my glasses.

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