Entry 24. Parallel Packing; Part II–The Actual Packing

Little by little, we began filling boxes and stacking them in our garage. We started with the less needed items (the least needed items having already been relegated to a storage unit) and working our way toward essentials, thus ensuring that the only things we really needed were the ones we packed in the last two days.

We could have thrown everything else out.

And we had a plan. Oh, yes, we had a plan. We numbered each of the boxes, and Barbara kept inventory on her iPad of what was in each box and what room it would go in. This was less useful than you might think, except for having a running total of boxes, which passed 200 and didn’t even include the 50 or so in the storage unit.

Although there were a couple of times when Barbara’s inventory helped us find a particular item, we pretty much lost track of everything during the move, what with all the moving guys carrying things here and there and us unpacking and breaking up boxes as quickly as possible just to make room for more boxes. We did not check each box off on Barbara’s inventory as it was unloaded. Nor did we check each box off as we unpacked it, nor as we collapsed it, nor as we put it outside our garage for garbage collection. We have no idea if all our boxes showed up. Perhaps box Number 47 fell off the truck on the New England Thruway. Or maybe the moving company held a tag sale with our stuff before delivering what they couldn’t sell. Frankly, we couldn’t even swear that half the boxes showed up.

More importantly, we didn’t care.

In the end, all the material goods we’d accumulated over 57 years were carried by six men into two trucks and hauled away, and the three of us got into three separate vehicles and drove off, after two of those people shed some tears about leaving our home of a quarter century.

As for myself, I just wanted to get it over with.

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