Entry 22: Surprise!

No matter how carefully you look at a house before you buy it…no matter how expert the inspector who combs the premises for imperfections…there are always surprises–good and bad–that you don’t discover until after closing.

For instance, our new house had no overhead lighting except for four very ineffectual lights on opposite ends of the living room. I don’t know if the previous owners were of one of those nocturnal species with the big eyes, of if they just had a lot of floor and table lamps, but one of the first things we had done was the installation of recessed lighting in just about every room.

And then there was the towel bar situation: there were none. Not one of the bathrooms had a hook, rack or bar where you could conceivably hang a towel. And the shelf in the shower of the hallway bathroom is so high only an NBA player could reach it.

The blinds in the bedroom, which were actually included in the contract negotiations, turned out to be see-through. Also, there are hardly any drawers anywhere.

The kitchen, which I described in horrific detail in a previous post, has one other interesting feature: half the cabinet doors open in the wrong direction. It’s true; you have to play this guessing game every time you want to open one. Does this one open right or left? You’d think we’d have it memorized after awhile, but I’m becoming convinced they actually change directions while we sleep.

The refrigerator has an ice maker but it’s not hooked up to any plumbing, nor is there any plumbing in the immediate vicinity to hook it up to.

There is a huge step down from the living room to the deck that we still trip over.

We have no idea what half the light switches are connected to.

On the plus side, the downstairs bathroom has an on/off switch inside the medicine cabinet. It turns out that this is an automatic mirror defogger. My daughter, who lives downstairs, doesn’t know how she ever lived without it.

Oh, yes, and there are frogs in the trickly stream that runs behind our house and, although we do not live in anything that might conceivably be regarded as an agricultural area, on some mornings, when I walk the dog at dawn, I can actually hear a rooster.


See you soon.

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