Entry 17: Big News from Stamford

After moving we decided to subscribe to the local newspaper so we could keep our finger on the pulse of our new city. So we subscribed to The Advocate. However, since we were pretty sure that Stamford doesn’t have that much of a pulse, we only subscribed Thursday through Sunday.

Before subscribing, I visited the website, advocate.com, where I found stories such as Priest Blames Gay Activists for Funeral Controversy, Family Research Council Denounces Gay RNC Appointment, and The World’s Gayest Ads, and I was starting to wonder what type of community we had moved to. Of course, had I gone to stamfordadvocate.com, I would have learned that my local paper was founded in 1829, which was likely long before there was a gay magazine by the same name.

Anyway, the big front-page story in today’s paper is that American Idol winner Lee DeWyze gave a concert last night in downtown Stamford. Mr. DeWyze, perhaps not the most successful Idol in terms of record sales, or name recognition, or any other possible measure of success in the music business, nevertheless packed them in at his concert, probably for two reasons:

1. There’s not that much to do on a Thursday night in Stamford.

2. The concert was free.

In the section of The Advocate’s front page reserved for world and national news, we discover what the paper obviously believes is the most important non-local story of the day, that the sentences for crack crimes have been reduced.

On page 2 is the shocking news that Justin Timberlake was spotted in Greenwich yesterday. Okay, that in itself is not world-shattering information, it’s what he was doing in Greenwich that’s got me shaking my head about it. He was spotted buying a protein shake. This is the beginning of a slippery slope for Justin, and I’m sure he’ll be going to rehab soon.

On page 3 is the news that the Fairfield County Sports Hall of Fame has inducted NBA referee Bennet Salvatore. The Hall of Fame, which started in 2005 with the induction of Steve Young, Dorothy Hamill and Bruce Jenner, has obviously begun running short of big names. Recent inductees, for instance, include Alvin Clinkscales, who played on The Harlem Globetrotters Number 2 squads in the late 50’s and Tim Teufel, an unremarkable second baseman with the New York Mets, back when they were good. Clearly, the Fairfield County Sports Hall of Fame is becoming home to the Lee DeWyze’s of the sports world.

So, you ask, what was the biggest story out of Stamford yesterday? No doubt, it was the front-page news that they’re thinking of chopping down two oak trees on Clearview Avenue. They haven’t even actually done it; they’re just thinking about doing it.

All of which means that a Thursday through Sunday subscription was probably the right choice.

See you soon.

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