Entry12: A Weekend Away at Home

This past weekend was about as nice weather-wise as you could hope for, and we realized that after a month and a half, living here is still new enough so that it can sometimes feel as though we’re on vacation. This is a good thing, since we’re about to start demolishing the kitchen, so we won’t be able to afford an actual vacation any time soon.

On Saturday, I spent the day on our deck with the Sunday Times, the good, non-news parts of which come on Saturday. There I was looking out at my domain, cup of coffee on my right, dog at my side on the left, crossword in my lap, and I thought, “It just doesn’t get any better than this.” Then a breeze came along and the tree above me discharged about a gallon of water that it had held onto from a torrential downpour the previous evening.

Just one of those fun things that happens on vacation.

Later in the day, we took the dog to this beautiful park that runs along the Mianus River and he was very happy because he’s never been on vacation with us before, and he even waded into the river for a second which was enough adventure for one day and then he got back into the car, jumping onto the seat that had the specially designed dog cover on it…and continuing onto my seat which now has not-so-specially-designed mud on it.

But a great time was had by all.

That night we went to the movies (without the dog), and since it was the first time we went to this particular theater, it felt like we were someplace away from home, and afterwards we sat at an outdoor table at a downtown restaurant and enjoyed the balmy evening. There we were, with beers and burritos at sunset, and it really felt as though we were somewhere exotic and far away, especially with the improbable view of a large circus tent in the background (the Big Apple Circus is in town).

A day like that makes the decision to move to a house, even at our age, seem so right. But all vacations come to an end, and you have to wait 5 hours on a security line at the airport, and another two because your plane is delayed, and then wait for your bags, and go through customs, and shlep home, and unpack, and it seems like you were never away at all.

Let’s start that kitchen!

See you soon.

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