Entry 7: What’s My Lion?

Well, you can rest easy. The Greenwich mountain lion has been killed.

The area around our old house in Westchester had become infested with deer and coyotes, but here in Stamford we have already encountered wild turkeys. And last week, a mountain lion was spotted (thus becoming a cheetah. HAH!) in the neighboring town of Greenwich.

This had animal experts puzzled, because the last mountain lion sighting in these parts had been about 100 years ago.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the demographics of Greenwich, Connecticut, but let me just say that we have driven by homes there that make the White House seemed like a charming bungalow. Given the town’s density of rich divorcees, I was convinced the mountain lion was most likely a cougar, if you get my drift.

But now comes word that a mountain lion has, indeed, been discovered in Milford, Connecticut, about 50 miles north of Greenwich. It was “discovered,” apparently, by the front bumper of an SUV. Mountain lion: deceased. SUV: creased.

It was disconcerting to us to know that in order to get from Greenwich to Milford, the cat would have had to go through Stamford! Of course, there is no way to know with certainty that the Milford mountain lion is the same mountain lion as the Greenwich mountain lion, but one can only hope so, because the alternative would be that there is a den of mountain lions hiding out behind the Home Depot in Norwalk.

And the question remains, where did this guy come from after a full mountain lion-free century? The conjecture is that it had been in captivity, possibly in someone’s private zoo.

Once again, I must say that if you have seen some of the houses in Greenwich, you know that this is not outside the realm of possibility. In fact, some of the domiciles are big enough to have a zoo inside the house. And really, if you’re going to have a mountain lion, shouldn’t it be an inside cat and not an outside cat that roams freely around the neighborhood, dining on wild turkeys?

See you soon.

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