Entry 2: Escape from New York

During a mercifully brief bad marriage when I was in my 20’s, I had lived for a few months in the Stamford of an earlier time (before there was even a mall!) and the West Coast of Pacific Time (I never could get used to NFL games starting at 10am).

Eventually my wife and I returned to New York, where we stayed in one place long enough to learn that we really didn’t like each other all that much.

So, in short, I had lived about 55 of my 57 years in the state of New York. However, now that my second, good wife and I had decided to purchase our first real house, it became imperative that we leave.

We didn’t know that at first. In fact, we actually began our search for a house in New York. But quickly discovered why the state has a declining population.

It had become really, really stupid to live there.

I still hearted New York, still liked my little town of Irvington (named after Washington Irving and home to a statue of Rip van Winkle lying down, so that it is, possibly, the world’s most altitude-impaired public work of art), but quite simply couldn’t afford to live there.

Oh, we could afford a house in New York all right. We just couldn’t afford the taxes on it.

To give you a quick idea: We had been paying over $12,000 a year on a 2,100 sq. ft. townhouse. The houses we were seeing in Stamford–which included actual property–carried taxes of under $10,000.

Plus income taxes were less. And, most important of all, we didn’t even have to pay sales tax on stuff we ordered online, which is pretty much everything!

And so we zeroed in on North Stamford as the place we wanted to move to. And we discovered one of the reasons the taxes were cheaper.

See you again soon.

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